Ble$$ up

Consecrate your money as soon as you get it. Immediately determine where you plan on alloting certain energies. Then decide the amount of money you are dedicating and match it up with the energy. Pay your bills after this process. Even though you are spending the money, it has already been claimed by your intention.

Azag-thoth can be found; Black, Hidden

I’m finishing the recording process of the current project, THE NEGRONOMICON. There is a bit of a challenge in balancing home, work, and studio time… but nothing will stop the THE NEGRONOMICON from coming to full fruition.

While channeling for the track “Rig Veda” I came to an interesting revelation about the Energy Identified as Yog-Sothoth.

He is the key, the door, the way, the truth the light…

*papa Legba as the gatekeeper”


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